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A Basket of Leaves

A Basket of Leaves: 99 Books that Capture the Spirit of Africa by Geoff Wisner (Jacana) ISBN 978-1-77009-206-8


A Basket of Leaves provides us with the most interesting books to come from every country in Africa. Geoff Wisner began by compiling a list of all the books he had read on Zimbabwe. Along with histories and political works, he discovered the ghostly novels of Chenjerai Hove, the melancholy realism of Charles Mungoshi and the African stories of Doris Lessing. This extraordinary volume reviews and provides excerpts from novels, memoirs, travel books and essays. To quote from "Madagascar" by Peter Tyson ’Taboos abound on the island. One should not sing while eating, for it causes the teeth to grow long, while to skin a banana with teeth results in extreme poverty’
Myths and enthralling stories abound in every chapter making for interesting reading.

Dee Andrew